FilStor is a customer-centric company that connects people to discover & buy decentralized technologies.

Making web3 tenable for
enterprise customers

We are the architects of DeStor, a movement to build awareness and understanding of decentralized storage with enterprise customers. Over the past year, we’ve seen a marked increase in DeStor recognition resulting in broader adoption. To further accelerate this trend, we’ve partnered with decentralized storage pioneers Protocol Labs and the Filecoin Foundation to make DeStor a household name.    

Our Brands


Learn about decentralized storage.

DeStor is your gateway to the decentralized storage movement through educational content, news and insights.

DeStor Network

Discover decentralized storage solutions.

DeStor Network is a marketplace connecting data owners & decentralized providers with guidance, support and resources.

DeStor Studio

Marketing & creative services for growth minded teams.

DeStor Studio is a go-to-market agency that simplifies the complex to deliver meaningful outcomes and revenue for our clients.

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